FAQ - Once in a Life

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept Credit/Debit cards, Master Card, Online transaction.
We provide you with the e-ticket, for any, either it be plane ticket or of any adventure activity, to which will drop you in your specified email.
Goverment issued identification proof along with the copy of e-ticket.
For international flights your passport is what accepted as your valid photo ID proof.
If carrying infant, carry the birth certificate along with the ticket.

It differs from flight to flight, 15kg is the average accepted, so be on the safe side and go with the average.
We cannot be specific with the flights, depending on the availability will book flight for you.
We cannot be specific with the hotel, depending on availability will book, of which the details will be sent to you 1 week prior to the journey.

Yes, we be providing you with the visa.
The passport need to be 6 month valid upon expiry.
-We do issue travel insurance from the well specialised insuarance company, of which we have provided the link on our website, from where you can buy the insurance by just filling the required information mentioned.
- It's mandatory to take travel insuarance as you going to practice extreme activity.

- Upon cancellation 25% of your amount is deducted.
- Upon cancellation 10 days prior to the journey is non - refundable.
- For more visit cancellation page.
We soon going to come with that feature.
No, the dates are pre - planed as per the season.

Yes, you need to be 18+.
We are sure enought that you are under the guidance of experts
You will be provided with all the gears necessary to perform any adventure activity.

Please drop your mail at info@onceinalife.in