Once in a Life

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

4x4 WD Off Road Ride Malaysia

Janda Baik is about 45 minutes drive from kaula Lumpur and due to its close proximity this destination

Extreme | Duration : 8 Hrs.
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

One Day Pilot Malaysia

Experience the most impeccable adventure of flying a plane across the Malaysia, a very adrenaline

Moderate | Duration : 3 Hrs.
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Learn Flyboard Malaysia

A flyboard is a type of water jetpack attached to perform a sport known as flyboarding to a personal

Extreme | Duration : 20 min.
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Paragliding Malaysia

Tandem Paragliding is the easiest way to see and learn more, its a great mean of delight for inexperienced

Moderate | Duration : 15 min.
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

White Water Rafting Malaysia

Water Rafting in Malaysia is most popular for its beautiful rapids and adrenaline views, get your bagpack

Moderate | Duration : 3 - 4 hrs.
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

ATV Ride + Japanese Village + Garden

Enjoy a perfect and adrenaline adventure tour of Colmar Tropicale along with the rush of ATV biking

Moderate | Duration : 3 Hrs.
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Rainforest Exploration Tour

Enjoy and Experience the natural tranquillity of Kuala Lumpur's biggest forest reserve

Moderate | Duration : 5 Hrs.
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

ATV Rainforest Adventure

Enjoy a perfect challenging Bukit Tabur trail that leads you to the grandeur Kelang Gate Dam

Moderate | Duration : 3.5 Hrs.



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