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Basque Coast Hondarribia MTB |

( Min. 1 Pax )

Package ID : 000MTBBKG0013


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  For booking this package, just pay Rs. 11000.

Checking for the idiotic zone, why wait?, lay your paddle here to experience the most outrageous moments which will recall for the life time, its beyond the limit.

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April - May and Oct - Nov

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Extreme (7D/6N)

Adventure To be perform

 MTB ( 5 Days) With Add On :    Explore Spain ( 2 Days ) 

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Rs. 281794 Onward


* The Packages framed as min. 4 will only be schedule if there are min. value adventurer, about the confirmation of the package, you will be informed 1 - 2 months prior to the departure date, about your booking amount, it will be return back to if we unable to collect that many (min. value adventurer), it be great if you will come in group, because real fun comes in group.

* Due to adverse weather condition, the activities listed in the above package, may sometime be not available (if any), of which you will be inform in our confirmation notice, and will then provide you with the alternate activity similar to it.

Extreme Adventures

A sports which preceives a high level of inherent intensity, where new arena ambiance get creates consisting Velocity, Promptness, Great Phenomenal
and set of specialised kit, where a sports clashes and forms into debatable, which are tend to be more hermit sports.

Skydive Extreme

The most extreme outdoor activity where you are subjugate by gravity.

Adventure Moderate

Adventure is a personal experience which sources your inner devotion.

F1 Circuit Average

It's a race track where sports cars meet to draw their performance.

Mountain Trails Beyond Limits

A sport which place your abilities to go more meaning and tough.