Above water Level - Flyboard Adventure

Flyboarding is one of the most exciting watersports to gain popularity in the 21st century. If you want a flyboard adventure package for your next holiday or if you want to try flyboarding as part of your overall adventures, you've come to the right place. Once in a Life offers unique adventure packages that can satisfy even the most daring daredevil.

Why Book a Flyboard Adventure with Us?

We know what adventure seekers want in a flyboard adventure package. We help you find the package that suits your needs and your thirst for adventure. Packages listed on our site share information about cost, inclusions, and often includes information to help you prepare for your adventure package.

We offer tours and packages that help you make your dreams a reality with fun, safety, and every detail taken care of for you. We have a great reputation in the adventure travel industry.

About Flyboard Adventures

Flyboarding gives you a sensation between flying and skateboarding. You'll feel like you are flying. Your board is attached to hoses that let you surf the air on a hoverboard propelled from hoses over water.

We offer amazing flyboard adventure packages that can include other extreme sports, if you like. Or, you could arrange a flyboard adventure that gets you as much time in the air as possible. We get great reviews for our adventure packages. If you are into holidays with extreme adventure, we look forward to helping you with a once in a life package you'll never forget.

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