Best Extreme Outdoor Sports to Experience

Sky swing - A terrific sport which makes you fly upto 80 feet and will swing you around 40 to 45 feet where pair of 3 or 4 people sits together to face the gravity.

Shot over jet - An amazing water ride with excitement. You will Rev over 10 cm deep water exploring the gaze of rocks and variable water sprays Which will mark an unique experience.

Fly board - A board which is a type of jet pack in which water is forces under pressure to raise you Upto 49 ft and dive Into the water to 8 ft can also be practised as fly board air.

Sky Diving: Falling from 10,000 or 13,000 feet, from above the ground level, facing the aid of gravity with the speed of approx. 180km/hr.

Jet skiing - A drive on water scooter with an exclusive ride on a water roof , which get directs through your hand given way).

Ogo - where you get placed in a large ball and can drive it through your choice direction. A sport which can perform in various :- harness Ogo , ogo rebirth and h2ogo sidewinder.

Scuba diving - A ride in under water where you will be given equipment for facing water world. An interesting ride to experience the water environment).

Windsurfing - it is a water sport with components of surfing and sailing. The sail ranges from 2.5 m2 to 12m2 , skills performed by sailor to manage his surf against dynamic winds.

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